Edging For Lawns And Flower Beds

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Edging For Lawns And Flower Beds. The right lawn edging can transform your yard by creating defined areas for mulch, flower beds, plants and shrubs. Help prevent the unwanted spread of grass.

Concrete Landscape Edging Kansas City | Flower bed edging ...
Concrete Landscape Edging Kansas City | Flower bed edging … (Carl Greene)

Here, the goals are entirely different, and the best plants would be the exact opposite of a groundcover—a row of tall shrubs is the best choice. That's why we've rounded up the best gardening edging ideas here. Edging materials you can use are dependent on your choice and what will match your landscape design.

Edging a flower bed – creating a physical boundary between a bed and a lawn – can make your yard neater, increase the visual appeal of your garden, and keep weeds at bay.

Although this pushes the standard definition of "edging plant," it can be said that even a row of trees planted as a wind-break is a type of edging plant.

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You can create an attractive edge for your flower bed with simple materials and no complicated tools. Around flower beds and trees, the crews use a redefiner head with an "M"-shaped bade, which digs a more pronounced trench to define the edge more clearly. It is easier to do the job correctly, so learn how to edge a lawn.