Front Garden Design With Parking

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Front Garden Design With Parking. Plantation ideas bring with themselves playfulness and liveliness. Is it purely an entrance, or does it incorporate off-street car parking, even a driveway to a garage?

New Front Garden Car Parking Space - London Garden Design
New Front Garden Car Parking Space – London Garden Design (Corey Thomas)

And an easy-to-navigate route to the front door is essential, so avoid fussy arcs or curves in your design for the best results. Square flower beds are teamed with simple square paving, laid with wide margins for a handsome grid effect. Front Gardens, Entrances & Driveways A sidewalk garden may seem like an awkward site for raised flowerbeds.

To prevent it looking like a car park, keep pedestrian paths and the driveway separate, even if they're only divided by a narrow strip of lawn or planting.

Converting a front garden into an off-street parking space(s) is one way of alleviating the parking congestion problem.

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New Front Garden Car Parking Space – London Garden Design

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However, the beds allow you to grow flowers that are fussy about soil and to bring low-growing plants closer to eye level for sniffing and admiring. Tips for navigation Creating a front garden requires careful thought. You may need to find space for wheelie bins and off-street parking, which can limit your design and planting choices.