House On A Slope Landscape

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House On A Slope Landscape. In many ways, progress is a good thing, but when it comes to that steep slope in your backyard progress is not a good thing when all the soil starts washing away. See more ideas about Landscaping a slope, Backyard landscaping, Landscape design.

paul lamb architects / river road residence, austin ...
paul lamb architects / river road residence, austin … (Randall Vaughn)

The house was partially embedded into the slope and this allowed the architects to include terraces on each level. This gives you the effect of a hell strip in your front yard. You can build a small swale yourself, but for a long, wide one you'll want to hire a pro with earth-moving equipment.

For many, the main appeal of having a home on an incline is the striking aesthetics it presents, which includes the opportunity for breathtaking landscaping.

Lush plantings (like these plants for slopes ) soften the hardscape, add color and fragrance, and invite exploration.

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This homeowner made use of custom plastic mesh to hold back the advances of time. Here are XX great landscaping ideas for side of house for you to consider. You might be surprised at how much you can do with this small area of your yard.