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Red Mulch Front Yard. There are many types of mulch available for your yard, including: Cypress Mulch: Made from ground up cypress wood and bark, cypress mulch looks attractive and lasts a long time. Plastic, landscape fabric, grass clippings, manure and newspaper are all useful substitutes.

Mulch & Landscaping Idea for Back Porch. #mulch #brick # ...
Mulch & Landscaping Idea for Back Porch. #mulch #brick # … (Ellen Butler)

The red color looks great in contrast with the green grass, as well as with some beige and brown shades, so you won't find it tricky to add it in your backyard or front yard. Note: Cocoa mulch contains theobromine and caffeine, ingredients which can harm dogs. The Mophead hydrangea flowers seem to overwhelm the view with their beauty.

It is perfectly formed as a gorgeous trim for your garden or front and back lawn.

It may not be the most eco-friendly option, however, since more cypress trees are harvested for mulch than replanted each year.

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Choose colored mulch that complements the exterior colors of your home in the brick, stone, stucco and siding. We'll also break down the most popular types of mulch, and why you may want to consider one over another, especially if you're matching it to your outdoor space and the color of your home. The whole property is surrounded by trees, the house is in the woods, he gets little to no sunlight and so he cant really grow grass.